Thank You For Attending Security Summit Week – 2016

Thank you for attending an SSW-2016 event. Now that SSW-2016 is history, we have some important messages to pass along.

CPEs and CPE Certificates
We are embarking on an upgrade to the website which has impacted our membership file.  As a result, we are NOT able to submit CPEs to ISC2 this year for members who attended any of the SSW-2016 events.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.  Below is a list of SSW-2016 events and their equivalent available CPEs:

  • 7 CPEs – Mobile Monday
  • 7 CPEs – Public Hack-a-thon
  • 7 CPEs – CSO Xchange
  • 12 CPEs – CERP Training and Examination
  • 7 CPEs – Capture the Flag
  • 3.5 CPEs – FTC Security Program
  • 4 CPEs – OCITA Fall Event
  • 7 CPEs – Summit Healthcare Day at HIMSS
  • 11 CPEs (ISACA) 14th Annual Information Security Summit
  • 14 CPEs (other assocaitions) 14th Annual Information Security Summit

Our website upgrade will allow us to expand our submission service in the future as we get approved by other certifying organizations. Access to Attendance Certificates will not be impacted by this upgrade; however we did have to update the links to access the templates. All attendees will receive an email very soon with the link to access the certificate templates.

SSW-2016 Presentations
We are doing our best to collect all the presentations delivered during SSW-2016.  We have uploaded many of them to Box and are making them available to all SSW-2016 attendees.  Some slide decks are over 100mb in size so sharing them via Box is the most secure and flexible way to make them available.  The link to access the presentations will be sent in the same email as the link to the CPE certificate templates.

Thank You For Your Support
Thank you for attending an SSW-2016 event. By all accounts SSW-2016 was a big success.  Please feel free to send us any feedback you have as your comments and thoughts will be very valuable in planning our 2017 events. Our SSW-2106 events included:

  • Mobile Monday
  • Public Hack-a-thon
  • Executive Breakfast Panel Discussion
  • 8 Keynote speakers
  • Tech Toys Tuesday
  • Certified Enterprise Resiliency Practitioner Certification (CERP)
  • Summit Healthcare Day @ HIMSS
  • FTC Security Program
  • OCITA Fall Event
  • Career Connection
  • 14th Annual Information Security Summit
  • Various Xceptional Networking Receptions

CERP Training

Interested in becoming a Resiliency Practitioner? Our Certified Enterprise Resiliency Practioner (CERP) Certificate Program provides meaningful training with a certification for any employee in an organization. Learn more.

CSO Xchange

The CSO Xchange is a group of thought leaders and executive-level peers who have a passion for security, risk management or compliance and the responsibility to protect their company’s information assets. Learn more

Summit News

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Thanks to our partners

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