The CSO Xchange is a group of thought leaders, aspiring Information security leaders and executive-level peers who have a passion for security, risk management or compliance and the responsibility to protect their company’s information assets. The CSO Xchange promotes the sharing of ideas, concerns, and thoughts about GRC, security strategy, best practices and pragmatic solutions. The CSO Xchange is sponsored by the Information Security Summit and provides group members opportunities to meet their peers, exchange information and learn from the best the industry has to offer. This group is private and new memberships must be approved through the Information Security Summit.

The CSO Xchange does not permit memberships from IT consulting, service or product related organizations – unless approved by the existing membership.   

The benefits of joining the CSO Xchange include:

  • Participating in a forum for sharing ideas with industry peers
  • Peer networking and social events
  • Personal and professional development opportunities
  • Free CSO Xchange meeting attendance ( at least 4 meetings per year)
  • A complimentary pass to the ISS annual conference
  • Receiving CPEs for attending CSO Xchange events
  • If a CSO Xchange member cannot make a scheduled meeting, he/she may send an associate to the meeting in their place free of charge.  Also, if a current member notices that an upcoming agenda is covering a topic that would be of interest to others in their organization, the member may invite up to two guests to accompany them to the meeting – free of charge, however all guests must be registered in advance with the meeting facilitator.  In an effort to ensure guest privileges are not abused, the same guest may not come to more than one meeting.
  • When ISS conducts, sponsors or hosts training events, members and their direct reports may be eligible for a discount on the class registration fees.

Our goal has alway been to make the CSO Xchange financially self-sustaining.  We believe by taking these actions, we can ensure the CSO Xchange will continue and will grow even bigger in the coming years. We are always open to feedback regarding ways to sustain/grow the group, provide better educational and peer-sharing opportunities and provide more efficient meeting opportunities.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.        


Registration for 2024 is OPEN!!  If you have any questions about the CSO Xchange feel free to send your question to: cso@informationsecuritysummit.org