Information Security Summit is proud to work with many fine partners to produce our conference, training and networking events.  Our partners have provided various resources that allow us to provide excellent services to our customers.  We ask that you patronize our partners as they have donated their time, talents and treasures to bring you the best possible learning and networking experiences.  Our partners are listed below.

Better With Mustard (BWM) is a group of business growth champions with the courage, energy and skills to help your organization seize and achieve opportunities in the best possible way. We are “Adding Spice to the City—through brighter ideas” so you have solutions to challenges and can exceed your goals. We specialize in business development and nonprofit growth through planning, creating, communicating and executing. Better with Mustard is your spot-on partner to gather internal strength, recapture customer interest, conduct market research and enact cost-effective business development ideas. We listen. We energize. We respond. We create. So your vision rises from idea to optimal productivity as you make your mark on this world successfully.

Greatest Training Ever! ( is a fresh new voice for the Cyber Security Awareness (CSA) training industry. Led by the creative genius of the Shannon brothers, Pat and T. Sean, their cyber security training & awareness programs are probably the biggest achievement mankind has seen since we put a man on the moon some 50+ years ago. Of course, the Shannon family had a hand in that too with their dad being a NASA engineer and all.  Check out their latest Cybersecurity Awareness Month offer!