2021 Summit – OCITA Registration

Our 2021 ISS event is being produced as a hybrid event.  That means we are selling tickets for virtual attendance as well as in-person attendance.  Our in-person attendance will be limited based on state and CDC guidelines for distancing and group sizes.  We will also abide by any masking requirements mandated by the Wyndham Hotel.

We ask you only attend onsite if you’ve been fully vaccinated or have fully recovered and thus have natural immunity. We’re not “carding” anyone – trust is important among security professionals. Masks are optional but not discouraged.

Ticket opportunities are listed below.

By registering and attending this Information Security Summit I do hereby grant permission to Information Security Summit to photograph and to publish the photographs of me on the Information Security Website and in related promotional brochures and videos for the purpose of promoting Information Security Summit training and conference events.  I hereby waive all rights of privacy and/or compensation for me, which I may have in connection with the use of my photograph or likeness, or any or all of them, in or in connection with said web sites. I also grant permission to Information Security Summit to share my name and email address with sponsors of the event with the purpose to provide a follow-up communication opportunities in areas of expressed interest.

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Bookings are closed for this event.