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You can reserve tickets for all our virtual SUMMIT events here.  Note that some sessions are free, while others carry a small fee. No early bird rates are offered this year as our prices have never been lower!  The VIRTUAL SUMMIT 2020 is built on:


Once you register here you will receive an email with instructions on how to download Whova.  You can use Whova on your mobile or laptop device.  Once in Whova, you will be able to participate in all the conference activities.

NOTE:  Registering for the 18th Annual Information Security Summit will NOT give you access to any of the training classes.  Training classes require a separate registration.
If you register to attend Training classes A2 or A4, you will automatically be registered for the 18th Annual Information Security Summit (A3)
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Ticket Type Price Spaces
A1-Training Class
Introduction to Quantum Computing
This radically new kind of computing holds open the possibility of solving some problems that are now and perhaps always will be intractable for “classical” computers. Qiskit is an open source quantum computing framework that enables the IBM Quantum community to experiment with algorithms and quantum computing for themselves. In this workshop we will walk through some basic quantum programs on the IBM Quantum Experience platform and create these same programs in Python using Qiskit. We will run the programs both on simulators and on actual IBM Quantum computer hardware.
  Anyone interested in learning more about Quantum Computing.
A working knowledge of Coding (Preferred Python) is desirable but not mandatory.
Expect to spend a day of lecture and hands on exercises using Qiskit via Jupyter notebooks. You will learn the essentials of Quantum Computing and emerging use cases.
A3-18th Annual Information Security Summit
This ticket provides access to all our live keynote sessions, live and recorded event sessions and all virtual networking opportunities.  These sessions will take place on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, October 28-30, 2020. 
A4-Training Class
Introduction to Windows Forensics
2-days (Monday & Tuesday)
BONUS: If you registration for this class you will receive complimentary access to the 18th Annual Information Security Summit
This course is an introduction into Microsoft Windows computer forensics. Students are taught how to analyze the file system, the registry, event logs, malware, memory, and much more. Each section contains a lab which reinforces the concepts, techniques, and tools taught during the class using real-world examples of compromised systems. At the end of the course, students will have a solid foundational knowledge of Windows computer forensics and will be able to analyze a system to determine what an attacker did on it.
A5-OCITA Annual Virtual Event
The Ohio County/City Information Technology Association offers a comprehensive learning partnership that benefits all group members. The OCITA group creates a pool of trained and experienced individuals ready to share ideas. It provides the opportunity to develop working relationships among all members.