Looking forward to seeing everyone at Summit Week – 2017.
SW-2017 is scheduled for October 30 through November 03 at the Cleveland I-X Center.


Clicking on the marquee will take you to the SUMMIT BOX OFFICE where you will be able to register for any or all of the SSW-2017 events.  SSW-2017 is 5 full days of IT and security events on a variety of topics. The theme for SW-2017 is Finding a Better Way.  Throughout the week, speakers will discuss finding better ways to manage security, the Internet of Things, legal issues, compliance, security governance, application security, risk management, business resiliency and many, many more aspects of security.This year our events include:

  • IoT/End Point Security Monday
  • Legal/Compliance Tuesday – Title Sponsor:  Benesch Law
  • Healthcare Day @ the Summit – Title Sponsor:  Oswald Companies
  • Mid-week Mixer / Casino Night – Title Sponsor:  ASMGi & Hurricane Labs
  • 15th Annual Information Security Summit


As a special incentive to attend the entire week of Summit events, ISS is making available for purchase a GOLDEN TICKET. This ticket will provide the purchaser access to all the events throughout the week, except for training classes and workshops.

We are currently working on collecting our presentation topics and organizing each day.

As an added bonus this year, all attendees will have access to EnergyTech as EnergyTech will hold its 2017 annual conference jointly with ISS during SW-2017.  That means attendees can access both events for the admission price of one!