Tiffin Research Project

2017 Ohio Information Security Benchmarking Study

Keeping data secure has never been more complicated. Attacks are getting more frequent, more sophisticated and the targets of the attacks range from small business to global enterprises.

With limited time, budgets and staffs, Information Security staff members have a bigger task than ever.

In response, the Information Security Summit and Tiffin University are conducting a 2017 security research benchmarking study. If you participate, you will get access to a report summarizing the findings. You’ll learn how your colleagues are approaching:
• Current security concerns
• Future concerns
• Workforce development opportunities
• Education requirements for security professionals
• Information security spending
• Security technology requirements
• Training requirements
• Compliance
• Risk management

We hope you will consider participating in this research project. As a thank you, all those who participate will receive discounted admission to SSW-2017 which takes place from October 30 through November 3 at the Cleveland IX Center and be put into a random drawing for gift cards.

This study is sanctioned by Tiffin University, and as such meets the consent standards approved by the university. By participating you agree to them. You can read the details here.

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