About Certified Enterprise Resiliency Practitioner (CERP) 

The CERP certification focuses on establishing and maintaining enterprise resiliency. By understanding enterprise resilience, individuals can assist their organizations in remaining buoyant in adverse circumstances through adapting, surviving and prospering under any and all conditions.

The objectives of the CERP Certification Program are:

  • To provide the knowledge an individual can leverage to enable his/her company to establish resilient practices and resiliency techniques
  • To grant a certification to those individuals that have demonstrated resiliency concepts by successfully completing the CERP examination
  • To build and develop a library of knowledge that certified individuals can use to support and advance their business resiliency efforts.


  • Staff employees
  • Line Managers
  • Senior Managers
  • Executives
  • Consultants
  • Information Technology Professionals
  • Information Security / Risk Management / Compliance Professionals


The requirements for obtaining this certification are:

  • Having a desire and passion to support your organization’s resiliency strategies
  • Completing the CERP Examination Process as outlined below

Information Security Summit is extremely grateful to the individuals listed below for their efforts in designing and implementing this certification.  Their combined wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise in resiliency has made this certification and training a unique and valuable asset to organizations of all sizes.  This effort has been extraordinary in that all these contributors volunteered their time to make the CERP vision a reality.  Information Security Summit truly thanks the following individuals:

  • Gary Sheehan
  • John DiMaria
  • Glenn Brzuziewski
  • Jack Nichelson
  • MaryK Deep
  • Scott Horvath
  • Chuck Mackey
  • Tom Hardin
  • Barbara Walker
  • Christopher Luse
  • Rich Ullom
  • Jeremy Mio
  • Roman Pawnyk
  • Tom Mathis
  • Roger Stenger
  • Larry Kowalski
  • Lisa Peterson
  • David Hargraves