Certified Enterprise Resiliency Practitioner Certification Process

Our certification examination is not your traditional certification examination. There are no multiple choice questions, true or false questions or “best answer” questions.  Rather, after completing the certification process the student will have a plan he or she can use to support and enable their organization to implement their resiliency strategies and meet their objectives.

When a person feels that he or she is ready to complete the certification process, they will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Click CERTIFICATION PROCESS to create a login and profile on the CERP Portal
  2. The Certification Examination Process fee is $399.00 (USD)
  3. After completing the login and profile creation process, an automated workflow process will walk you through the following steps of paying the examination fee, obtaining the exam, completing the exam, submitting the exam and receiving your final grade and credentials.

If at any time during your certification process you have questions or concerns, please contact cso@informationsecuritysummit.org


  1. We strongly encourage you complete the CERP Workbook before you begin the certification process.  The workbook is part of the training class, but a copy will be made a available to test takers when they receive the exam.
  2. The candidate will also have “view” access of the BS 65000 standards while completing the examination.  The standard cannot be printed or downloaded, but only viewed online.  The standard will only be available to the student for 14 days.
  3. The candidate will have 14 days to complete the examination and submit it to ISS via the CERP Portal.  We also strongly encourage the candidate to print/save a copy of their examination before submitting it.  You will need to reference the information if/when you choose to re-certify after 1 year.
  4.  Please use good judgement when completing the examination.  It is NOT our intent to ask you to supply sensitive or company private information.  Rather, our questions should be generic enough and are not intended for you to divulge secret information.  If you feel that you cannot complete the examination without divulging critical information,  then use a generic company name such as ACME ENTERPRISE, INC.
  5.  To pass the examination you must receive 70 points out of a possible 100.  For those individuals who may not pass on their first attempt, we do allow a free second attempt to pass the exam.
  6. Students passing the exam will receive a certificate and may use the CERP designation in the correspondence.