The SUMMIT 2019 CLEVELAND – Program Information

Xcelerate Your Career Training Day
Monday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm:  Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Gathering Essential Training. Cost is $140.00
This workshop is designed for both non-technical folks who have some basic Internet skills, as well as seasoned penetration testers who want to shore up their OSINT gathering skills. For the demos and exercises, I’ll be partnering non-technical students with technical students so that everyone can benefit from the exercises.Classes will be posted as they are confirmed.

Career Connection
Information Coming Soon

17th Annual Information Security Summit
Our featured speakers include:
Harrison Schmitt.  Details on Schmitt’s talk will be posted soon.


Joseph is a Control Systems Cybersecurity Expert and an international authority on cybersecurity, control systems and system security. Weiss weighs in on cybersecurity, science and technology, security emerging threats and more through his blog – Unfettered. Joseph’s career accomplishments include:  40+ years in industrial instrumentation controls, and automation, authored Cyber Security Chapter Electric Power Substations Engineering, authored Cyber Security Chapter Securing Water and WasteWater Systems, Patent: Steam Turbine Fuzzy Logic Turbine Controller, testified to 5 Congressional Hearings, ISA Fellow, IEEE Senior Member, Ponemon Fellow and US Expert to IEC TC45A – Nuclear Plant Cyber Security

What Does a Mature Cybersecurity Program Look Like?
Jack Jones has worked in technology, information security, and risk management for over thirty years.  He has ten years of experience as a CISO with three different companies, including five years at a Fortune 100 financial services company.  His work there was recognized in 2006 when he received the ISSA Excellence in the Field of Security Practices award at that year’s RSA conference.  In 2012 Jack was honored with the CSO Compass award for leadership in risk management.  He is also an adjunct professor at Carnegie Mellon University, where he teaches risk measurement and management in the CRO program.  Jack is also the creator of the “Factor Analysis of Information Risk” (FAIR) framework adopted by the Open Group as an international standard.  Currently, Jack is the Chief Risk Scientist at RiskLens, Inc., and Chairman of the FAIR Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to evolving risk management practices.  He has also co-authored a book on FAIR entitled “Measuring and Managing Information Risk, a FAIR Approach” which was inducted into the Cyber Security Canon in 2016.

My CEO Told Me We Have to Move Our Datacenter to the Cloud…So, What’s the Big Deal?

Grant was Principal Evangelist for Dome9 when Check Point made the acquisition. Grant has held worldwide evangelist roles at Check Point Software Technologies and more recently Blue Coat Systems, Inc. where he was Director of Evangelism.  Grant has also held the Head of Market Development and Sales for Altor Networks, and was Vice President, Enterprise Sales for NeuStar. Additionally, he was President and CEO of MetaInfo before successfully selling the company to NeuStar. Grant brings his unique story-telling style mixed with high energy and passion, representing Dome9 at public events and conferences worldwide. Grant has also been a featured speaker and panelist at numerous industry trade shows, conferences and several radio blogs which include RSAC, Next100 CIO’s and BlogTalkRadio.

FRIDAY – EDDIE DOYLE, Global Security Strategist
The Ethics of A.I. & the DNA of Malware
Humanity is reaching a critical turning point where a machine, controlling an autonomous vehicle, will soon decide who will live & who will die, in a fraction of a second, without human supervision. Machines are also making critical security decisions that impact real-world events & potentially decide the fate of your company’s assets. Cyber-criminal syndicates have evolved beyond simply changing hashes in code & they’re outsmarting sandboxing technologies, by advancing their automated re-packing services into a new generation of evasion techniques, via a complete scramble of malicious programming to effectively fool security systems into thinking their code is a new zero-day attack. But if you look closely enough, you can find the DNA of their Malware. By teaching machines to recognize the DNA of criminal groups, we can reduce false-positives & block malicious code before it arrives at our gateway.