2018 CERP Training and Certification

The CERP certification focuses on establishing and maintaining enterprise resiliency. By understanding enterprise resilience, individuals can assist their organizations in remaining buoyant in adverse circumstances through adapting, surviving and prospering under any and all conditions.

RegistrationRed APRIL 24-25, 2018  Independence, OH

RegistrationRed MAY 08-09, 2018 Greensboro, NC

* To provide the knowledge an individual can leverage to enable his/her company to establish resilient practices and resiliency techniques
* To grant a certification to those individuals that have demonstrated resiliency concepts by successfully completing the CERP examination
* To build and develop a library of knowledge that certified individuals can use to support and advance their business resiliency efforts

* Staff employees
* Line Managers
* Senior Managers
* Executives
* Consultants
* Information Technology Professionals
* Information Security / Risk Management / Compliance Professionals

* Having a desire and passion to support your organization’s resiliency strategies
* Completing the CERP Examination Process as outlined below
NOTE: CERP training is available through authorized trainers, but is not required to complete the certification process. Training is strongly encouraged as Enterprise Resiliency is a term that can mean different things to different people and the real value in the certification is the knowledge gained through education.

* Defining key concepts & terms for enterprise resiliency
* Defining the relationship between enterprise resiliency and GRC
* The Enterprise
* Analyzing your role within the organization
* Reviewing a blueprint for enterprise resiliency
* Steps to achieving enterprise resiliency
* Tools for enterprise resiliency
* Team Building

If you would like to schedule an a private training class for your organization, feel free to contact any CERP Authorized Trainer or send a request to cso@informationsecuritysummit.org and we will have have the nearest authorized trainer contact you.